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One Stop Shop for 3D Printing Ceramics

We offer additive and advanced manufactured components on demand. Choose from 6 different ceramics.

Big Parts
80 x 40 x 40 cm
Arbitrary Shape
Complex or simple parts
SiC • ZrC • ZrO2 • B4C-SiC • ZrHx • YHx



Additive and advanced manufacturing of ceramics opens up new opportunities for your designs and applications.

  • mm Sized Features

    Our printing and densification techniques can achieve sub-millimeter features.

  • High Purity Exotic Materials

    Our process utilizes vapor deposition techniques that achieve highly pure materials. We can tune parameters to obtain the desired properties.

  • Internal Structures

    Reduce mass by using internal structures that are impossible to make by other means. Achieve cavities and undercuts.

  • Topologically Optimized Components

    Create optimal geometries for your particular application without worrying about manufacturing constraints.


Additive & Advanced Manufacturing of Ceramics

We've resolved the challenges of 3D printing ceramics. We can now produce dense, highly crystalline, and highly pure parts in a variety of ceramics. The most complex geometries and internal features are now achievable.

Arbitrary Shape
The only technology available for 3D-printing highly pure, fully crystalline, and stoichiometric silicon carbide. Complex or simple parts, we can do it all.
Fast Turnaround
We turn your CAD files into high-quality parts – ready for demanding applications.
High Performance
Silicon Carbide offers extreme performance for many applications including nuclear reactors, aerospace, and defense.
Support and Service
We will work with you to ensure your parts are produced to your specifications. We have in-house powder-to-part expertise.



We have various components ready for production. Purpose built and custom solutions can be quickly developed and manufactured for your application and industry.

  • Crucibles and Retorts

    Flow and Structural components

    Crucibles and retorts can be designed to radically improve process efficiency. Optimized geometries reduce thermal mass and energy consumption and can achieve longer life parts. They can also better optimize the space packing in limited volume furnaces.

  • Investment Casting Cores and Molds

    SiC for Advanced Manufacturing

    Investment casting molds from Silicon Carbide will reduce post-processing and achieve an improved surface finish. The lower thermal mass and higher thermal conductivity improves casting efficiency.

  • Mixers and Nozzles

    SiC for Advanced Manufacturing

    Optimized geometries that reduce pressure drops and improve mixing efficiency. We can also deliver mixers and nozzles with internal features that are impossible to achieve by other means.

  • SiC for Nuclear Reactors

    Cladding, Structural, and Flow components

    Improve performance of your reactor by using SiC and its extreme corrosion resistance. SiC composites can be used for cladding. SiC components can be used for impellers, flow structures, heat exchangers, and structural components.

  • Ceramics for Space Applications

    Flow, Structural, Electrical components

    Topologically optimized components that reduce the mass of your components and improve performance.

  • ZrHx Pins

    Neutron Moderator

    Improve fuel burnups or reduce core size by using ZrHx pins as a neutron moderator. We can achieve high purity and high density ZrHx pins.

  • YHx Pins

    Neutron Moderator

    Improve fuel burnups or reduce core size by using YHx pins as a neutron moderator.

  • ZrC for High Temperature Applications

    Cladding, Structural, and Flow components

    Access the highest temperatures using ZrC components.


We use different techniques to achieve the desired geometries and properties for your application.

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)

  • Zirconium Carbide (ZrC)

  • Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2)

  • Boron Carbide-Silicon Carbide Composites (B4C-SiC)

  • Zirconium Hydride (ZrHx)

  • Yttrium Hydride (YHx)

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